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"Preserving Nature's Symphony:
Honoring Biodiversity Champions"
Image by Alexander Cifuentes
About UNDP

UNDP works in about 170 countries and territories, helping to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and exclusion, and build resilience so countries can sustain progress. As the UN’s development agency, UNDP plays a critical role in helping countries achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


ndia is one of the world’s 17 mega-diverse countries and home to four of the 34 globally identified biodiversity hotspots. A large portion of the population depends on natural resources for its livelihood. At the same time, natural disasters and climate change pose significant risks to India’s rapidly growing cities and their communities, and vulnerable rural populations, with nearly 60% of the country at risk of earthquakes. At the national and state levels, institutional capacities need to be strengthened to implement policies to transition to a low-emission economy without undermining the country’s economic growth.

Striving towards a low-emission economy

UNDP is committed to promoting low carbon, climate resilient and inclusive development with a focus on natural resource management. We support the Government of India in meeting national development objectives along with commitments under key multilateral environment agreements by providing leadership support, fostering South-South cooperation and creating innovative partnerships with the public and private sectors. Building on the successful projects delivered through the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and other partnerships, UNDP aims to generate new models of energy efficiency capable of going readily to scale.

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Message from Award Director

Dear Impact Leaders and Changemakers,

I am delighted to announce a momentous collaboration that will make a significant impact in the field of biodiversity conservation. Two esteemed leaders have joined hands to conduct the Biodiversity Award in India, recognizing and honoring individuals and organizations engaged in biodiversity conservation efforts.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), a globally renowned organization known for its development programs, has partnered with the Prestigious Mahatma Award to conduct the Biodiversity Award. This collaboration aims to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional contributions made by individuals and organizations in protecting and conserving biodiversity.

The UNDP (Learn more about UNDP) with its vast experience and extensive reach in various development programs worldwide, brings a wealth of expertise to this partnership. Working alongside the Mahatma Award, established by the esteemed Gandhian and social entrepreneur, Amit Sachdeva, (Know more about Amit) this collaboration is set to make a lasting impact on the global stage.

The first edition of the 'UNDP Mahatma Award for Biodiversity' is scheduled to take place in September 2023, coinciding with the highly esteemed G20 summit in India. This platform will provide a unique opportunity to recognize and honor the remarkable achievements of individuals and organizations in biodiversity conservation.

Biodiversity conservation is a pressing global concern, and it is crucial that we acknowledge those who are actively engaged in making a positive difference. Through this collaboration, we aim to shine a spotlight on the champions of biodiversity conservation, inspire others to join the cause, and foster a global community committed to preserving our natural heritage.

I invite you all to join us in this endeavor as we celebrate the inaugural 'UNDP Mahatma Award for Biodiversity.' Together, we can make a significant impact in the field of biodiversity conservation and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Warm regards,

Mugdha Arora | International Director

Mahatma Award

Award Categories

There can be 04 Category

8 Winners (Two in Each Category)

4 categories of award are:

  1. Biodiversity and green jobs/green economy/market linkages

  2. Human centric approaches to biodiversity with intensive community engagement - Innovative approaches to rejuvenate/replenish degraded ecosystems

  3. Sustainable approaches to biodiversity with focus on self-sustaining models

  4. Business linkages and Biodiversity – Carbon offset, water offset

Application Process

Application Submission is an online Form with a Social Impact Profile Submission The Social Impact Profile will have following headings


  • Organizations Brief – not more than 100 words

  • Organizations Commitment to Biodiversity – stated and publicly available – provide link or not more than 150 words

  • SDG Alignment – not more than 100 words

  • Business alignment / causality / logic used to chose this project for funding / support – not more than 200 words

  • Potential for climate change mitigation – offset carbon and or water impact. Is this measured and stated in your annual report. Details of the same – not more than 300 words

Details of the project – not more than 1000 words

  • Provide in couple of sentence summary of the project

  • Provide in couple of line summary of the impact
    Rapport and history with the community

  • Community needs assessment / /human centric biodiversity intervention

  • List all objectives: Solution and Impact in numbers,

  • List each Target Audience – and how each TA benefits from the program and also state numbers of each TA

  • Scale, Scalability and Replicability of Project(s ) – not more than 200 wordsS

  • Sustainability – not more than 150 words

  • Innovation – not more than 200 words

  • Budget

  • Social Impact – not more than 200 words

  • Geography – not more than 100 words


Addendum to Impact Profile may Include:

Ongoing Projects and Impact from Previous Years (last 3 Years only) to Current Dates can be quoted in the Impact Profile. Especially detailing how pass history has led to the refinement (learnings) in designing the new project.

May Submit Annual Reports / Sustainability Reports / CSR Reports for Cross Referencing (If applicable and available)

Enumeration Includes but not limited to:

The details of operations of the applicant must reasonably correspond to the Award criteria, which are verifiable at the time of evaluation.

The criteria are carefully and deliberately phrased in non-prescriptive terms, to allow you the freedom to present self-assessment information, which is relevant to your specific situation. May Submit Annual Reports for Cross Referencing (If applicable and available )

Support Material may be enclosed and is the detailed document on the topic that adds value to the response. To help in assessment, cross-referencing of the support material is necessary. The support material is properly numbered as Annexure I, II, etc...

There is no Word Limit for compiling the Application but providing precise information will be more effective.

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